how we work

We’re a diverse team of innovators, disruptors, connectors, market makers, and mavens with expansive experience in social impact. We’ve mapped and brought together ecosystems from the neighborhood to the city to the bio-region. We’ve fostered social entrepreneurship through place-based initiatives. And along the way, we’ve galvanized and catalyzed the field of social investment.  

Over the years, we’ve learned that there’s no magic bullet for creating change. That’s why we take a systems approach to everything we do, working in partnership with others and employing a mix of platforms that allow people to come together in different ways.

Sometimes, the right platform is a conference and event that turns an ecosystem into a community. Sometimes, it’s an accelerator or peer learning network that develops catalytic capital vehicles for the hardest-to-fund investments. And other times, it’s helping an individual take their journey from thinking about a better world to taking action.

Like chefs putting together an incredible meal, we know it's not just about the menu. It's about the perfect mix of ingredients and the way they're put together. That’s when the magic – the real transformation – happens.