Building the ecosystems: Conferences and communities

We find and build communities that need to come together, and then create the right event to maximize connection and galvanize action. From producing ecosystem-level conferences for thousands to deep summits for groups of leading practitioners, and intimate salons for nascent communities, we create the right opportunities for people to meet, act and move forward.  

And because great content and related tools help create, support, and galvanize community, we create those too. 

Enabling Progress: Change Accelerators + Custom Curriculum

We design custom social impact accelerator programs for organizations and entrepreneurs, bringing together social entrepreneurs at the Impact Hub San Francisco, delivering curriculum, programming and mentorship.

Our Clients:

Organizations looking to understand what's next, what’s best, what works in social impact.

Social entrepreneurs and systems entrepreneurs working in one of our focus areas.

Small groups and organizations looking to quickly deepen their understanding of the social impact investment world, customizing curriculum, learning modalities, networking and mentorship for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Moving forward 1:1: Refinery

Getting leaders and creators of all kinds the inspiration, perspectives and networks they need is the key to positive change. That’s why we’ve developed Refinery, a membership organization for seasoned leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers.

Through in-person and digitally-delivered programming that moves around the Bay Area, social events, salons, learning journeys (global and local), continuing cohorts, high touch services, and a remote/digital membership, we’re inviting a set of accomplished, sophisticated and seasoned independent spirits who want to discover, experience, understand, and do things with meaning and impact.